Mars Bar, Cherry Ripe & Kit Kat - the favourites amongst chocolate bar consumers

Over 9.6 million Australians (53% of the population aged 14+) consume chocolate bars in an average 4 week period, according to the latest Roy Morgan Research findings. Chocolate bar consumers are more likely to be female and aged 14-24 years.

50% of chocolate bar consumers purchase chocolate bars at least fortnightly and 69% have consumed a maximum of 3 different varieties in the last 4 weeks.

Brands of Chocolate Bar Consumed

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Source: Roy Morgan Single Source, January 2010 – December 2010, n = 18,817.

The most popular brand of chocolate bar is Mars which is consumed by 12% of the population in an average 4 week period, followed by Cherry Ripe and Kit Kat, both consumed by 11%.

Mars and Kit Kat consumers are demographically quite similar; both bars appeal to males and younger consumers. Consumers of both bars favour fast food, participate in sports and play computer games at home. Mars Bar consumers show ‘laddish’ traits - they are more likely to enjoy tough physical activity and to have worked on a car when compared to the population.

Cherry Ripe attracts older consumers (aged 35-49) and those living in country areas. These consumers are more likely to have been to a café for a coffee or tea, and to have taken a day trip in a car.

Consumers of the top three brands are frequent chocolate bar purchasers (at least 1-2 times a week) and are more likely to have consumed a greater number of chocolate bar varieties; 19%, 17% and 14% of Kit Kat, Mars and Cherry Ripe consumers respectively consume 10 or more different chocolate bar varieties in an average 4 week period compared to 6% of all chocolate bar consumers.

Despite appealing to somewhat different consumers Mars Bar, Kit Kat and Cherry Ripe maintain mass appeal;  half (49%) of all chocolate bar consumers consume at least one of these brands in an average 4 week period.

Meanwhile, smaller brands attract fewer consumers but can be more targeted. For example, consumers of Green and Black’s and Terry’s Chocolate Orange tend to be female, whilst Milky Bar and Crunch consumers are more likely to be men. Wonka attracts young consumers (aged 14-17) and both Whittaker’s Peanut Slab and Violet Crumble attract older consumers (aged 50+). Ferrero Rocher and Toblerone have fostered a more premium audience and attract consumers from a higher socio-economic background.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director at Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Roy Morgan Research data reveals that whilst Mars Bar, Cherry Ripe and Kit-Kat are the most popular brands of chocolate bars the consumers they attract are more likely to buy chocolate bars more often and consume a large number of different chocolate bars. Meanwhile smaller brands attract fewer consumers but appeal to particular target markets.

“The Roy Morgan Online Store has a range of consumer profiles of various chocolate brands by bars, blocks and boxes that provide further insight into the demographics, attitudes, activities and media usage of this target audience.”

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