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How is the Digital Universe affecting your customers’ buying behaviour?

The Digital Universe Report quantifies many of the trends everyone has been suspecting over the last few years - provides facts about the way the digital universe is affecting Australians’ behaviour - and explodes numerous myths that have been gaining currency.

This new report, sourced from Roy Morgan Single Source and Business Survey, provides an in-depth view of the new Digital Universe and how the exponentially expanding range of touchpoints and solutions are affecting Australian Businesses and people’s daily lives - their media consumption, shopping habits, socialisation and expectations.

As this ground-breaking multi-mode research uncovers consumers’ connections with new and emerging technology, savvy marketers will quickly realise that delivering a compelling, targeted message is no longer enough - you need to deliver your messages where and when your customers and prospects choose - and where and when they are most receptive.

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Time Period: Mar-13
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