State of the Nation Report 06 - Spotlight on the 2010 Federal Election (Oct 2010)

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About this Report

The Roy Morgan State of the Nation Report provides a twelve-year perspective on Australian Society based on over half a million interviews conducted between July 1997 and June 2010. Twelve years ago, Roy Morgan Research, and many others, anticipated that Australians would face an increasingly complex social environment that would change both the level of demand for its products and services, and the climate of support for those products and services. In this Roy Morgan State of the Nation Report, we have measured all of these issues and explored in more detail how they have played out, in terms of Society, Technology, Economy, Politics, and Environment.
The topics covered in this report include:
  • SOCIETY: Ageing Population; Rising Education Level; Household Size Decreasing; Home Ownership Decreasing; Increasing Population Diversity; Australians Becoming More Progressive; Less Concern with Safety and Security; Food and Health; Changing Leisure Activities.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Telecommunication Revolution; Rapid adoption of technological products; internet growth changes media consumption; Shopping Online; Banking Online.
  • ECONOMY: Unemployment; Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence; Housing Interest Rates; Term deposit rates; Petrol Prices; Exchange Rates; Share Market; Total Superannuation Assets; Attitudes towards economy, finance and government.
  • POLITICS: Voting Intentions.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Environment an Important Issue; Taking action is the next step; Public Transport.

Benefits of this Report

Access to this report will provide an understanding into the trends and issues facing Australians today. This report provides accurate and relevant information on the State of the Nation in terms of Society, Technology, Economy, Politics, and Environment.
With access to these insights and trends, this report will equip you with all the necessary quantitative trend data for your market review, strategic marketing planning, advertising brief development, management update presentation or conference address.

Additional Information & Insights

The insights are drawn from Roy Morgan Single Source, an ongoing door-to-door survey of over 50,000 Australians annually. This report is updated quarterly and is presented in the format of trended charts and data tables.

Time Period: Jun-10
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