State of the Nation Report 02 - Spotlight on Retail (Feb 2008)

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This is the second in a series of such reports, which will be released quarterly. The first part of the report STEPE covers trends in the following areas:
  • SOCIETY: Ageing Population; Rising Education Level; Rising Wealth and Debt; Household Size Decreasing; Real Growth in Employment; Australians Becoming More Progressive; Food and Health; Changing Leisure Activities.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Mobile and Internet, particularly broadband increase; MP3 Players, DVD Burners, 3G phone consideration and VoIP use / intention increasing; Media Consumption over time; Technology and Banking; Shopping on the Internet.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Environment as an Issue has come of age; But taking action is the next step...; Public Transport. Each report, as well as updating trends, will throw a 'spotlight' on a particular issue. Our focus for this report is Retail: Boom or Bust?

Time Period: Sep-07
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