About Us

The Roy Morgan Online Store is a division of Australia’s best known, longest established and most respected research company. Since being founded in 1941 by Roy Morgan, the Company originally specialised in public opinion, corporate image and media measurement but soon expanded to cover all aspects of market research, acquiring data by personal interviews, phone, self-administered questionnaires or the Internet.

A wholly Australian owned, full-service market research company operating worldwide, Roy Morgan Research has earned an unparalleled reputation for accurate, insightful, independent, high quality information. The Company has pioneered numerous methodological and technological innovations including Computer Assisted Personal Telephone and Internet interviewing.

Roy Morgan Single Source

Roy Morgan Single Source is a Australia’s leading syndicated market research and one of the few genuine Single Source studies in the world.
Instead of ‘fusing’ the answers to questions about brand preferences, for example, from one group of respondents with the answers to questions about media usage, for example, from a different group of respondents, Roy Morgan Single Source is unique in that all the answers are from a Single Source -around 55,000 interviews every year in Australia alone. This makes Roy Morgan the largest Single Source database in the world.

The information we collect relates to lifestyle and attitudes, media consumption (including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, cinema, catalogues, outdoor, pay TV and the Internet) brand and product usage, purchase intentions, retail visitations, service provider preferences, financial information and recreation & leisure activities.

The Reports and detailed Target Profiles available here will help give you a thorough, in-depth understanding of your market, your competitors, key indicators and latest trends in your industry.

In addition to Single Source, Roy Morgan Research has other products and resources that are world leaders, including:


Asteroid, our award-winning software, which helps to manage and analyse data. Its power and simplicity allows even users with a minimum of experience, aptitude and training to explore data, generate & test hypotheses, follow up ideas and search for supporting evidence. The program’s rapid response to even the most complex queries encourages researchers to be more creative in using survey results. By optimizing the output, ASTEROID adds value to surveys, where most of the cost is in the collection of the data.

Natural Exposure

Natural Exposure, one of the world's most proven ad testing methodologies, measures advertising Recall, Brand Preference and Persuasion.

The Reactor

The Reactor, now online, is Roy Morgan's proven methodology to track an audience's emotional reactions second by second.

Customised Research

Today, we are working on customised projects of varying size and complexity, around the world (from a few thousand dollars to more than a million dollars). While we undertake stand-alone projects anywhere in the world, we have the unique ability to re-contact the large base of respondents who have already been interviewed as part of our renowned Roy Morgan Single Source surveys in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Indonesia. This capability enables us to provide a wealth of market insights cost-effectively, by combining the information from our syndicated product with those that meet your particular requirements.
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